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Chalkboard Classroom Decor and Ideas

Chalkboard classroom decor is super trendy right now because, well, it’s cute! I think teachers love it so much because it combines the bright colors of today’s classrooms with the nostalgic black chalkboard look of when you when you think of a traditional classroom of the past.


Since it’s such a popular classroom theme, it was easy to find everything you need in this fun style so everything matches! I’ve compiled a big list to help you decorate! Some links are affiliate links which means I make commission from purchases made through the links that I use to upkeep my blog and bring you fun ideas! 🙂





First things first, a Welcome Pennant for your bulletin board to welcome your new students!







I think that pennant would look really cute on a bright neon color background of fadeless bulletin board paper or fabric and cute chalkboard borders like these. I love the shape of them!





I’ve also started to love straight edge borders because I love doubling them with the typical wavy edged border which makes a really cute look.





These chalkboard bulletin board letters are so cute to go along with it.






This fadeless chalkboard bulletin board paper is just the cutest to make a chalkboard background for your boards. So important that it’s fadeless, too, since it’s so dark. I love it!






This awning also matches and is so darn cute. I love the awning trend to really make bulletin boards pop. So fun! Make sure the length is the same as your board though!







These chalkboard magnetic letters are a lot like the above letters but magnets! That makes it really easy to stick on your whiteboard to spell out “MATH” and “READING” or “OBJECTIVES” or even “CALENDAR.”








Speaking of calendar, this chalkboard calendar set is really adorable.









This Months of the Year poster is cute to add to your calendar area too.










Here’s a matching Days of the Week poster as well.










I also recommend this Place Value Pocket Chart for your calendar time to count the number of days in school each day as well as practice building other numbers.








For a normal 10 pocket chart, this chalkboard pocket chart is really adorable.









I’m also obsessed with this black polka dots storage pocket chart which you can use for a lot of different things. Here’s a fun real example of it being used to hold alphabet letter cards:

How to Organize Phonics Pocket Chart Centers








Here’s a cute 10 Pocket File Storage Pocket Chart in the theme as well! I love these types of charts for paperclipping copies by day and subject to help me copy ahead and be organized.









For more organization fun, I like these chalkboard supply labels too!








You could also use these chalkboard name tags to make your own labels for buckets and bins or use them to put kids’ names on cubbies.







I personally like these name plates for labeling cubbies or desks to have the writing lines.







I also really like this chalkboard birthdays bulletin board set to put all your students’ birthdays up in the classroom.








This classroom jobs set is also great for setting up your system. Here’s a giant list of classroom jobs, too, for ideas of what to have your kids help with.









Having a job means also following the classroom rules so this rules poser would be cute right next to the job chart.










Here’s a cute incentive poster to also track behavior or reading or whatever you want to give your kids a sticker for!









Here’s a pack of stickers to use for the chart in the theme.









The stickers also fit in these incentive charts you can give to each individual student (to keep themselves or hang on the wall to track something toward a goal or reward).









There’s also a pack of essential classroom posters in the chalkboard theme you could use instead.










I don’t use library pockets a lot but I know a ton of teachers do and these are adorable so I wanted to include them. They can make cute, useful displays.









These chalkboard stars are great to add to any display to add more style.









I also like these chalkboard accents to create any type of display you want.









You can also hang inspirational posters around the classroom to keep up your theme with motivating sayings.








If you really want to go all out, you can change your alphabet to a chalkboard alphabet!









There’s also a chalkboard cursive alphabet if you want cursive writing instead.








Okay, this chalkboard notes set is too cute to not put on the list! I go through a lot of little notes and this set is adorable.








Another stationary item are these adorable Welcome post cards to send to your students before school starts to ease some nerves. What a cute introduction to your theme as well!




I hope you loved this compilation of chalkboard classroom decor. I also have this for a Superhero Classroom theme and am working on more for more themes. I’ll be adding links to them in my Giant List of Classroom Themes post so keep checking that to see them as I make them!


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Classroom Theme Chalkboard

Superhero Classroom Theme Decor and Ideas

Superhero classroom decor is so much fun! there are so many cute superhero classroom theme items out there to make your room POP! POW! ZOOM!

I’ve compiled a big list of my favorite decor ideas to help you decorate. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I make commission from purchases made through the links that I use to upkeep my blog and bring you fun ideas! 🙂





Your students will be so excited to walk into such a fun themed classroom and one way to get them even more excited is to tell them how they are superheroes and give them these super cute pencils and erasers to use on the first day!






This is a great intro on the first day to explain your behavior or expectations, procedures, and routines including classroom jobs. How cute is this classroom jobs chart?!








If you have a helper of the day, I love the idea of having a cape they can wear all day as your special superhero helper. This cape is a cute cape for children.








You could also have capes ready that kids get to wear if they reach the top of the behavior chart – now that’s motivation! This pack has a clip chart you could use.










This How to be a Superhero poster is a cute reminder for how you want them to behave.







Kids love getting handwritten notes from their teachers so I love to have little thank you cards to write a quick little note to kids who get to the top of the chart or were especially sweet that day. They’ll LOVE it and can take it home to show their parents.









Even just a little Superhero Sticky Note that says something kind can have your theme… and boy this set is cute!









If you do an Incentive Chart for your students, this one is super fun.








There are also these Incentive Charts for each individual student too if you do that. I love using these for reading goals!








Here are Superhero Mini Stickers to use with the charts.










I LOVE Stickers. This Superhero Sticker Roll of 100 stickers is great for putting on graded work or as a treasure chest item they can choose.









If you don’t have a treasure box already, here’s a Superhero Chest to perfectly match your theme!











If you want even more superhero storage, this storage box is cute.








 Here’s another storage bin option!











I think my favorite decor item on this list are these Superhero Paper Lanterns if you’re allowed to hang things from  your ceiling.







Superhero ABC poster




My other favorite is this set of Superhero Alphabet and Phonics Posters that has all the letters and phonics sounds in 11 different superhero themed backgrounds including this one so you can decorate with whichever you want or even mix and match.









Here’s a pretty much pre-made word wall where you can just write in your curriculum’s sight words and kids’ names. I recommend laminating them first before you write the words on so you can change them later in case you change grades, sight word lists, etc.






Here’s a cute number set for 0 – 31 but I especially love the number poster it comes with for practicing a new number in a bunch of different ways during calendar time.










Speaking of calendar, I love this Superhero Calendar Set.

Please note that the numbers and months are sold separately.







This pointer is awesome for pointing during calendar time. I love getting new pointers kids are excited to be teachers with!








Here’s another resource you can use for calendar time to study numbers or just a fun themed pocket chart in general. This is a cute blue Superhero 7 Pocket Chart with the cityscape at the bottom.









There’s also this long, red Superhero 10 Pocket File Storage Chart. I have a chart really similar to this that I use to store copies for each subject. I paperclip sets for each day and put them in the folder for that subject. Anything that helps me be more organized, I appreciate.









Speaking of organization, I love labeling things! These Superhero Name Tags / Labels are so cute for labeling cubbies or buckets of supplies or anything.







Here is another fun name tag option for the superhero students!







You can also put student names on these library pockets too. I don’t use these but I’ve seen other people use them in cute ways.









So I’m obsessed with these pillows – how cute are these?! Love this POP! Pillow perfect for throwing in your reading area.









There’s more but these 2 were my favorite. You can find the Zoom! pillow here.








If you send out postcards to your new students before school starts (I totally recommend doing that by the way – it makes them feel excited or squelch nerves and starts building that rapport right away), then these Welcome to Our Super Class postcards are perfect to introduce your theme.





It also helps students feel part of the classroom community to see their names around the classroom as well, as their birthdays, on Meet the Teacher or Open House nights. I recommend having the birthdays from your class list already written on the Superhero Birthday Chart for those nights and add kids who aren’t on it on the spot if you have any new class list members show up. This is one I definitely recommend laminating and using a dry erase marker so you can edit easily.








Another easy way to make them feel welcome is… well, a Welcome Banner 🙂








There are a ton of cute superhero bulletin board sets and ideas out there so I’ll just share a few since this is SO cute! Have you seen awnings on bulletin boards yet? It looks so cool – definitely measure your board to make sure it fits lengthwise but man oh man, I love this Superhero Awning – so awesome!






This cityscape bulletin board border goes really well with it!





Here’s another really cute superhero bulletin board border I love.





Okay, that’s a lot! I hope you’ve gotten a lot of fun decor options and ideas for your classroom. Check out my big list of classroom themes if you’re still deciding on a theme. I’m working on more posts like this for other themes that I’ll link there so keep checking that post 🙂


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Classroom Theme Superhero

Giant List of Classroom Themes

Picking a classroom theme can be hard but decorating for it can be so much fun! Here is a giant list of classroom themes for you to choose from AND some of them have entire pages dedicated to them where I show you fun ideas you can use!

  • Space
  • Ocean / Under the Sea
  • Beach / Tropical
  • Superhero

For a TON of decor ideas, check out: Superhero Classroom Theme Decor Ideas

  • Hollywood / Movies
  • Circus
  • Chalkboard
  • Forest / Camping
  • Desert / Cactus / Sunshine
  • Jungle
  • Zoo Animals
  • Farm
  • Animal Prints
  • Cowboys and Cowgirls / Western Theme
  • Sailors / Nautical
  • Space
  • Owls
  • Dogs / Paws
  • Polka Dots
  • Stars
  • Chevron
  • Quatrefoil / Moroccan
  • Rainbow
  • Primary Colors
  • Neon Colors
  • Pirates
  • Monsters
  • Candy / Sweets
  • Board Games
  • Construction
  • Cars
  • Transportation
  • Hot Air Balloons / Kites
  • Robots
  • Bees
  • Black and White
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Music
  • Art
  • P.E.
  • Library
  • Drama / Theater
  • Computer Lab
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Burlap
  • Apples
  • Flowers
  • Sports
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Horses
  • Foxes
  • Cows
  • Subway
  • Crayons
  • Patriotic
  • Smiley Faces
  • Flamingos
  • Pineapples

I hope that gave you some fun new classroom theme ideas! If you know a fun theme I didn’t list, please comment and let me know 🙂


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Classroom Theme List

How to Market Your TpT Products

Want to know how to market your TpT products? I’ve got you covered!


Creating teaching resources on TeachersPayTeachers is an amazing creative outlet that I think many of us have craved for so long but it’s one thing to make fun teaching resources and another thing to actually get them out there in front of people to find! I hope this list can help you be successful in your TpT journey! Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a commission for purchases made through them – it doesn’t influence my opinion but helps me pay for this little space to tell you about them! 🙂


So how do you market your TpT resources??

1) Pinterest

Mastering pinterest is a must! Pin your products regularly. I personally recommend 20-30 a day to get started. You want to try to spread them out throughout the day so that you reach people whenever they may be online. How do you pin all day without being on the computer all day?


The free trial is great! Try it out free and see if you like it. I personally think Tailwind is AWESOME. It allows you to schedule your pins all in one sitting and then pins them for you at whatever days and times you choose. I can’t believe I ever tried to market without it. I used to get on my computer to pin a couple pins at a time 10-15 times a day… for years. What?! Now I use Tailwind and do it all in one sitting. I’m currently scheduled over FOUR MONTHS in advance and it’s so nice to know that it’s working for me while I focus on what I truly love doing… creating and writing.

Tailwind also has a feature called Tribes where you can join different tribes of other TpT sellers who share their best pins with each other – it’s a great way to get others to pin for you and find great pins from others to share! A lot of collaborative boards have rules where you have to follow ratios (example: you have to post 3 ideas for every product you post) so tribes are a great way to find teaching ideas pins from others to be able to maintain your ratios.

My favorite part of Tailwind is actually the analytics it provides too! I love being able to see if my pins on collaborative boards are actually getting repinned and Tailwind has the “Pin Inspector” feature that makes that really easy for me to do.

If you feel lost with Pinterest, you are not alone. There is so much to learn and conflicting information everywhere.

I highly recommend taking the Pinning Perfect course. It explains so much. It’s definitely an expense (give it to your accountant to write off!) but it is so nice to have all the information in one place and from people who actually understand what they’re talking about. Yes, you can find free information online but who knows how reliable it is and it’ll take you a long time to gather it all so it’s up to you to figure out how much your time is worth. Could you make more money creating new TpT products with the time you’d save from finding and gathering all the info on your own? It’s hard for me to spend money (even if it’s a tax write off), especially if I know I could do something myself, but I’m really happy I splurged on that course. I kept hearing everyone talk about how great it was and it took me over a year to finally do it too but I’m so glad I did! I thought it’d be really basic but I’ve been using Pinterest for years and learned new things. Whether you’re brand new to Pinterest or have been doing it for years, there’s valuable information for everyone.

2. Email Newsletter

You may be thinking you don’t have time to write any sort of newsletter or you don’t have people to follow you yet… perfect!

Start your newsletter now. I started collecting emails with a little sign up on the side of my other blog for well over a year before I ever sent an email. When I finally felt ready to send something out and like I had something to say, I had an audience built to actually send something to. You don’t want to have something to say and no one to say it to so start your list now!

If you’re in Facebook groups of other TpT sellers, you probably keep hearing people talk about how much they love ConvertKit for their newsletter.

I am constantly hearing of people who had other email list providers and switched to ConvertKit, especially recently as word has spread about how much people love ConvertKit, so it’s definitely worth checking out now so you don’t pick another newsletter provider just to do all the work of switching later.

There are other options out there too though so check them all out and see which one best fits you and your needs! If you find one you like, search ConvertKit vs. (whatever it is) to compare it and make sure you read several articles from the first page to get a good idea, not just one person’s opinion. Do that with any 2 mail services you’re considering to read about how others with experience with them feel.

3. A Blog

Start a blog! If you’re creative enough to create teaching resources, you probably have a lot of other great ideas to share with the world! Even if you only write once every month or two, start one now. Two very popular places to host a blog is either Blogger or WordPress. I plan on writing a post on how to start a blog soon so keep a look out for that!

4. Facebook

Start a business Facebook page. Even if you don’t plan on using it much, make sure you claim your business name on all the social media channels before someone else does and so they can slowly grow until you’re ready to start utilizing them. It can be hard to get great reach on Facebook but SO many people in the world use Facebook every single day so it’s worth having for those random posts that explode. I don’t personally but a lot of people also do Facebook ads to expedite the growth of their page and get their posts seen. 🙂

If you have a Facebook page already and are just having trouble keeping up with it, consider scheduling your posts. Facebook has a built-in scheduler that you can do all the work manually or you can get one of the amazing scheduling services like SmarterQueue that allows you to save evergreen content for easy recycling to save you time. They also have a free 14 day trial but you can extend it to a 30 day free trial by using this affiliate link.

If you are brave enough to hop in front of the camera, Facebook Live from your business page is a great way to share teaching tips and other fun teaching ideas through video. They seem to get a lot of engagement. I find it too scary right now but a lot of people have fun with it!

5. Instagram

So many teachers love Instagram and use it daily. It’s such a fun place to share teaching ideas and connect with teachers all over the world. One great thing about IG is that, even if you have no followers you can use popular teaching hashtags to reach a lot of teachers. It’s also nice you can use specific ones for your grade level or specific niche if you have one to reach teachers just like you.

For example, if you teach kindergarten, look through the #iteachk hashtag to find other kindergarten teachers to follow. Once you follow and look at their pages, it’s easy to find other people with similar interests through them as well by interacting in their comments section. 🙂 Same goes for #iteachfirst #iteachsecond #iteachthird etc.! Other really popular hashtags are #teachersfollowteachers and #teachersofinstagram among many others. Just click on the ones other people use to find others… and, of course, tag your own photos with relevant hashtags so they get seen!

I plan on making a list of fun teachers to follow for each grade level and niche so keep a look out for that as well!

Other ways to market your TpT resources that I didn’t cover are Twitter, Snapchat, and Periscope. I don’t know enough about them to speak about them so I’ll leave that to others to do.

I hope this list has been helpful for you!! I’d love to hear from you in the comments what social media platform you find best for marketing your teaching resources. When we all learn together, we grow together so I am excited to have shared these tips! Let me know if you have any questions!

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Great tips for how to market your Teachers Pay Teachers Products... a must read for any TpT seller!

Christmas Gifts for Teachers They Actually Want

Christmas gifts for teachers – figuring out what to get your child’s teacher can seem stressful. Are you feeling pressure to give your child’s teacher a Pinterest worthy craft that you don’t have time to make? Please, please don’t. They don’t even want it. Trust me! Sure, they’ll appreciate the fact that you thought to give them a gift but they DON’T want another cute mug filled with candy with a clever pun written on a note tied to it. Isn’t that a huge relief??


I’ll tell you what teachers really want!


But first, I have to say: Please NO MUGS! For some reason teachers get gifted a million mugs – our kitchen cabinets are full! Teachers are sentimental, love your child, and appreciate any gift but mugs honestly end up in the next yard sale and the candy/treat inside typically goes in the trash.


Other things most teachers don’t want: lotion, hand soaps, candles, fuzzy socks, candy/treats, anything cute but useless from Pinterest


So what do you get your child’s teacher?? Here is a list of teacher gifts we actually want!

Just FYI some of these are Amazon affiliate links which means at no extra cost to you, I get a commission for purchases made through the links.


1. My #1 recommendation: Flair pens

This is easily my top recommendation. It is such a great gift! I feel like EVERY teacher I’ve ever talked to is obsessed with these specific type of Flair pens. You probably don’t follow teachers on social media but I do and if you ever spend any time browsing, you’ll see teachers are obsessed with these pens! They constantly post pictures of them on Instagram when they buy them and receive many ‘likes’ and heart eye smileys in the comments from other teachers. They’re pure gold in the teaching world – you’ll definitely put a smile on their face if you buy them these.


2. Hand written card from you

You’d probably be surprised how much this means to your child’s teacher. Take a moment to include a card that says how much you appreciate them and what they do for their child… they’ll probably cry ugly tears when they read it after the kids have left for the day.


3. Expo markers (or other school supplies)

It may seem like a lame gift but it’s not – teachers ALWAYS need more expo markers so they’re much appreciated, especially a big pack of the fun colors like this! Definitely get Expo brand if you buy dry erase markers. Teachers get giddy about school supplies – if they supplied a list at the beginning of the year, definitely look at that to see the items/brands they prefer and see if there’s anything on there that you can restock that might run out like glue sticks. Usually a lot of our supplies are drained by Christmas. A lot of teachers buy pencils, crayons, copy paper, etc. out of their own pockets so they will appreciate these practical gifts much more than a jar filled with candy canes.


If your school doesn’t send home a list, other school supplies teachers love (and the brand matters!) are:
Elmer Glue Sticks
Astrobrights color paper
Crayola construction paper
Scotch scissors for them (they cut a lot of things out by hand so having high quality scissors that are easy on your hands is so nice)
Mr. Sketch markers
Ticonderoga pencils (these pre-sharpened ones are great!)


Want to really knock it out of the park? This is an AMAZING gift.
Get them a personal laminator and laminating sheets!

This is the one many teachers are obsessed with and it even comes with the sheets it uses! It’s possible they already have one (they’re all the rage in the teaching world) but they won’t mind a 2nd and they’ll definitely appreciate the sheets if so! If they don’t already have one, you will just make their year with this gift. These are very, very loved by teachers! We laminate new activities constantly so it’ll get used A LOT throughout the year to enhance learning for your child. I’m getting excited about it just thinking of a parent getting this for their child’s teacher!


4. Anything made by your child

Your child’s teacher spends all day with them – they love them – so anything they write to show them appreciation is cherished. Don’t worry about making some fancy handprint craft or something. It can literally be a scribbled drawing of them and their teacher on a piece of scratch paper that says “I Love You Ms. ___, you are the best teacher!” and it’ll be 1000x more treasured than anything you printed/made that you saw online. Teachers LOVE sweet notes and drawings from their kids. Encourage your child to write a heartfelt note thanking their teacher and why – it’s especially adorable with the littlest of kiddos if they use their own invented spelling – we can read anything, don’t worry. 🙂



They are not impersonal. If you feel guilty giving a gift card – oh my gosh, don’t! That’s the absolute BEST gift. It’s not any less thoughtful and much more appreciated. You don’t have to include anything with them except maybe a card.. BUT make sure it’s one the teacher will actually use.


A great gift is a gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers.
The teacher will think you’re quite hip. Your child’s teacher probably buys a lot of their curriculum off of the site (with their own money) and if they’re one of the rare teachers that doesn’t… well then you just opened up a whole new world to them! It’s a place where teachers create classroom materials and sell them to other teachers and millions of teachers use it to find free and paid materials for their classroom when what the school provides just doesn’t cut it or they just want fun activities designed by other teachers for their students.


Another fantastic gift card is directly to Amazon!

You can get anything on Amazon! Many teachers buy books and other things for their classroom on Amazon, as well as things for themselves, so it’s a perfect gift! They have really cute options for holiday packaging that come with the cards too – I love this Santa one!


Another great gift card option is Target!
Teachers LOVE Target. Again, if you follow any teacher hashtag for even a second, you’ll see post after post of teachers posting what they got from Target and sometimes hundreds of comments of teachers gawking.


A gift card to treat your child’s teacher to a nice dinner is an awesome gift if it’s in your budget. If you do a restaurant gift card, though, make sure they actually like that restaurant. A lot of teachers have stacks of $5 here and $5 there to food places they don’t eat at. Your child might know what they often get for lunch but if you have no idea, a Darden restaurants gift card is nice because they can use it at any Darden restaurant like Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Yard House, etc. They have both $25 and $50 options – I recommend the $25 option, that’s a wonderful gift!


For some reason teachers get a lot of gift cards for coffee. Maybe people realize how much caffeine is required to wrangle 25 little ones all day? 🙂 A lot of teachers will absolutely love this BUT not all teachers drink coffee so just make sure first! Ask your child if they ever bring Starbucks to class or drink coffee at work.

If they do drink coffee, a Starbucks gift card is awesome!

Again, don’t include a coffee thermos or mug with it – just don’t. A gift card is enough. 🙂 This is a set of 4 $10 Starbucks gift cards for all your kids’ teachers and maybe even 1 for you! They have all types of denominations and I love that you can order so many different gift cards from so many places directly from Amazon – it just makes holiday shopping so much easier.




Like I said, please don’t feel pressured to make something cute from Pinterest. Who has time for that? & they don’t even want it… I know I’m repeating myself but seriously, isn’t that such a relief?! 🙂 A pack of color flair pens or a small gift card stuffed inside a handwritten card will literally make you the coolest parent around. I hope this list has been helpful for you! Just remember, your kids’ teacher(s) LOVE your kid(s) – gifts are appreciated but not expected so don’t let it stress you out. Anything you give them will be absolutely appreciated, even if it’s just a scribbled love note inside a Christmas card from their student… I just wanted to share with you some things teachers would love to receive! Merry Christmas!


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Christmas gifts for teachers that they actually want! Great list of what to get your child's teacher for the holidays!

Best Halloween Books for October Read Alouds

Best Halloween books for October read alouds!


Here are some of my favorite Halloween books! I provided the links for you to see them directly on Amazon if you want to check them out – some links are affiliate links which means I get commission if you buy from the links, it’s no extra cost for you but I just wanted to let you know!


Room on the Broom is a classic and favorite of many kindergarten and first grade teachers. You can find a ton of fun learning activities to go along with it because of this. It’s a cute story about a witch flying on her broom but she keeps dropping things! Every time she goes to pick up what she dropped, another creature asks if there’s room on her broom to hop on. Her broom finally snaps and a dragon snatches her up. The ending is really cute! I highly recommend this one to read aloud to your kids.



Halloween Hustle is about a skeleton dancing down the street. It’s one of those books that rhymes in such a fun flowing way that makes it really fun to read. The pictures are fantastic and engaging for young kids. It’s a silly book kids always love to hear read aloud.





Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Stein have a son, Frankie Stein, and are shocked when he looks… normal! They try all sorts of things to make him look and act scary. I love the ending – he practices and practices in his room trying to be scary for his parents and then comes out looking like himself (a normal kid) and his parents are terrified – he’s the scariest in the family! It has a great underlying message about being yourself.



I actually love Frankie Stein Starts School even more! It has really great pictures. Frankie from the book above starts school and the other kids – vampires, witches, etc. – think he looks funny (because he looks like a normal kid). They aren’t very nice to him because he isn’t scary looking like them. Throughout the day, Frankie does cool and scary things and scares the kids and they end up loving him. It’s a great story to talk about how you should be kind to everyone even when they are different. This is definitely one of my favorite Halloween read alouds!



Dragon’s Halloween is a great book that has several stories about a silly dragon character. One of the stories he goes into the woods and hears scary growling and gets scared… but it turns out it was just his stomach! The stories are really cute and will have your kids laughing and loving Dragon.





Another dragon themed Halloween book I love is Me and My Dragon: Scared of Halloween. A little boy loves doing things with his dragon but his dragon is scared of Halloween so he dresses him up as a bunch of silly things trying to get him excited for Halloween but his costumes don’t work out which make for really funny illustrations. He ends up just being a dragon for Halloween and people are amazed at his “dragon” costume. 🙂


Who else needs a costume? A monster! Monster Needs a Costume is another hilarious book about a traditionally scary (but totally not) creature needing to find a Halloween costume. I love reading this one aloud! It’s a silly rhyming non-scary monster book about a monster who needs to find a Halloween costume and tries out a few options. It’s a book that definitely makes kids giggle, especially when he puts on a tutu to be a ballerina!




My Monster Mama Loves Me So isn’t necessarily a Halloween book but it’s about monsters so you can definitely read it in October with your Halloween books. It’s such a cute story about all the way his monster mama takes care of him with super funny plays on words like she goes to all his beastball games and makes sure he brushes his fangs. It flows really well as a read aloud and the pictures are really great. It really is so sweet – it would actually be a great bedtime story too!


I also love Fright Club! A group of monsters try to start a fright club but then some cute little critters want to join! The monsters turn them down and say it’s for scary monsters only. The little critters hatch a plan and scare the monsters which helps the monsters realize everyone can be scary and the more the merrier in their club! Not only is this a silly read aloud kids love with fun illustrations but it is a great book to start discussions on why it’s important to include everyone and to not leave anyone out. This is one of my favorites!



Little Baby Mummy doesn’t want to go to bed so he plays hide and go seek with his Mummy (mom) and, as he looks for her, he runs into a lot of fun Halloween characters that tell him to go to bed while he looks. I love how he runs into a lot of characters who would normally be scary but he’s not scared… until he sees a tiny little mouse. Where’s My Mummy? has great illustrations and it’s such a fun non-scary Halloween book to read aloud.





The Spooky Wheels on the Bus is a Halloween version of the famous song. You can sing it to your kids and they will LOVE it! …and probably sing a long 🙂 You can also sing-song read it which is what I do. Such a fun book for Halloween!




If you like singing books, you’ll love Shake Dem Halloween Bones too! I read it in a sing-song-y way but you could definitely sing it if you wanted to. It has a fun repetitiveness to it so be prepared for your kids to sing along with you! This is a favorite of many teachers and kids alike.




It’s also hard not to sing along to The 13 Nights of Halloween too. It is written to the tune of the popular Christmas song as it goes through Halloween things.





There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat is a must read Halloween book so you can read them for each holiday. Kids just love this series. They’re a lot of fun to read aloud and see what the little old lady eats next. This book is also on my giant list of Best Bats Books where I show all my favorite bats books which are also great October read alouds.



Another favorite of many teachers and kids is The Hallo-Wiener. It’s about a sweet wiener dog named Oscar that the other dogs at obedience school make fun. His mom makes him a hot dog costume for Halloween, although he’s embarrassed and doesn’t want to wear it, he doesn’t want to hurt his mom’s feelings so he does. The other dogs make fun of him and he can’t keep up with them so he doesn’t get any treats. However, when a monster scares the other dogs, his size that they make fun of is what makes him able to save them. It has a great message about treating others who are different with kindness and not to be cheesy but I love when an underDOG saves the day. 🙂


Working Mummies is a fun rhyming book with wonderful illustrations that go through all the jobs mummies (play on the word “mommy”) do like teacher, doctor, waitress, librarian, etc. with fantastic illustrations of Halloween characters like the dentist mummy who replaces vampire teeth. It has so many fun pictures – it’s a great read aloud!




The Littlest Pumpkin at the pumpkin patch has big dreams to be a beautiful jack-o’-lantern but people keep coming to the pumpkin patch and not picking her. All the pumpkins get chosen one by one but her. The patch closes and she’s sad and alone… but after the stand closes, all the mice come out and have a Halloween party and turn her into a Jack-o’-lantern and she’s so happy. Such a sweet story! You can use it to talk about how the other people didn’t pick her because she was small but how she was absolutely the perfect size for the mice. Another book with a great message!




Splat the Cat: What Was That? is a fun one – kids love Splat! Splat the Cat and his friend are trick or treating and they have one house left… the spooky old house! I always love the fun illustrations from the Splat the Cat books!





Scaredy Cat, Splat! is another fun Splat the Cat Halloween book to read to your kids!






If you have kids who love dinosaurs (what kid doesn’t?), they’ll love this cute story, T. Rex Trick-or-Treats! T. Rex wants to be something scary for Halloween. He keeps saying everything isn’t scary enough until he realizes he can just be himself. It’s a fun read aloud!





The Night Before Halloween is a fun book to read the day of Halloween in class (or at home) if you have school that day. There are a lot of books in this series so I like having these in my collection to add a familiar rhyming book to read the night before holidays.





Wee Witches’ Halloween is a non-scary book about witches. In fact, they want to be scary and aren’t very good at it. 🙂 I love this simple rhyming book for its detailed pictures and adorable storyline. The young witches go to witch school to learn how to scare but they’re not very scary and even win a costume contest for their “witch costumes.”




Another fun witch book is A Very Brave Witch. All the witches are terrified of humans because they’re different from them. Sweet and funny story about how the brave witch ends up making a human friend and finds out they’re not so scary after all. I absolutely love the sassy kitty character in Alison McGhee books and kids love finding the cat and pointing him out on all the pages.



Crankenstein looks like a Halloween book so it’d fit in for October read alouds but it’s more of a book about being cranky but it’s fun to read this time of year. Kids love it as a read aloud and it’s good to start a discussion about how to act when you’re cranky. For a HUGE list of books BY behavior for a lot of great classroom discussions, check out my Giant List of Books By Behavior!




Skeleton Meets the Mummy stars Sammy the skeleton. He is so excited to go trick or treating but his mom has him go on an errand to drop off soup to his Grandma Bones first. On the way, he hears spooky noises then he runs into a mummy! All the sound words the author uses makes it really fun to read aloud and the illustrations are cutesy not scary.





Monster Mischief is about some monster friends who get together to make monster stew on Halloween but they tip it over by accident! This book has a fun rhyming scheme and is silly like when one of the monsters rips his pants. It’s a fun read aloud to add to your collection if you need more.





A Halloween Scare at my House is a fun read rhyming aloud where a lot of monsters come to town to give people a fright! They end up giving the boy the prize for best costume for being a scary kid. 🙂 Kids love this one!




Bad Kitty is one of my favorite children’s book characters so I had to include Bad Kitty Scaredy-Cat! If you don’t have Bad Kitty books for your library, you need to get some ASAP! They are hilarious, kids love them, and it’s hard not to fall in love with the bad kitty! The series has a few great picture books that make great read alouds as well as easy chapter books that are perfect for kids just starting on chapter books.





Kids, especially boys, also LOVE Fly Guy so Fly Guy and the Frankenfly is a great book to have in your collection for your boys. As always with Fly Guy books, the illustrations and story are funny and great!





I love having all the Froggy books for every holiday so, of course, Froggy’s Halloween is one of them!





For your kids who love Click, Clack, Moo, Click, Clack, Boo! is a fun Halloween version about how Farmer Brown doesn’t like the spooky sounds of Halloween but his farm animals have a different plan! They throw a Halloween party in the barn.






For your girls who love the Pinkalicious books, get Pinkalicious: Pink or Treat for more Pinkalicious fun.







A lot of little girls also love the Fancy Nancy series so I included Fancy Nancy: Halloween… or Bust! in this list.





I really hope you’ve enjoyed this list of my favorite Halloween books! Hopefully you have found some new ones to add to your collection.


Don’t forget to check out my Best Bats Books list for more October reading fun!


I love children’s books and making lists so I have a lot more book lists coming! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up as well as check back here. 🙂


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Best Halloween Books for October read alouds perfect for kindergarten and first grade - giant list of over 30 favorite Halloween books for kids!

Best Bats Books for First Grade or Kindergarten

Best Bats Books for first grade or kindergarten to learn about bats!


Here are some of my favorite bats books! I provided the links for you to see them directly on Amazon if you want to check them out – some links are affiliate links which means I get commission if you buy from the links, it’s no extra cost for you but I just wanted to let you know! Bats are one of my favorite science topics because kids love learning about them and there are so many misconceptions that kids find the real facts fascinating!



I LOVE Home in the Cave – it’s my favorite bats book! It is an adorable fictional book but it’s packed with great bat vocabulary and information! Baby Bat is afraid to leave his cave. One night his mom goes out to hunt for bugs and he apprehensively learns to fly and ends up meeting a lot of other night animals out exploring. It has great illustrations and the way it teaches you so much about bats with a sweet fictional story kids can relate to is just perfect.





Hello, Bumblebee Bat is a fantastic book for introducing kids to bats. It has simple text where each page asks the little bumblebee bat a question like what he eats or where he lives and he answers with great information about bats. It’s laid out in a way that makes it a great read aloud or even a book they can try to read themselves. Bumblebee bats are the smallest bats in the world so kids think they’re adorable as well!





Bat Jamboree is a really cute counting book about performing bats! Even though it’s a counting book, it’s definitely a book first graders and even second graders would still love to hear read aloud.





Bats on Parade is by the same author and so much fun! This book also has a math component but the counting is by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s so it’d be a really great introduction to arrays and multiplication but you could completely skip the concept and just have it be a really fun read aloud for little ones. The illustrations are great and it’s fun to see all the ways the bats participate in the parade!




Fly Guy Presents: Bats is a book kids love that combines fiction and nonfiction. Fly Guy is a classroom favorite so I love seeing them making these books to teach science concepts. Buzz and Fly Guy go to a bat cave at the zoo and learn all about bats. It has great kid-friendly text, fun illustrations, and real photos.





If you’re looking for great nonfiction for bats, definitely check out Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats! I think it’s really well written with interesting facts about bats. It’s a little more text heavy than a typical read aloud but the way it is written and the content keeps it engaging!




Bats by Gail Gibbons is another interesting nonfiction book about bats that you most likely have already. I love the way it labels the bats in the book. It’s a great read aloud to teach kids about bats.






Stellaluna is a classroom classic. It’s a cute story about a baby bat who ends up in a bird nest with baby birds. You can find so many learning activities to go along with this book since it’s a classroom favorite of many teachers.




If you love the baby bat theme, Nightsong is precious. It’s about a baby bat who goes out flying by himself and his mom tells him to use his “good sense” and has beautiful illustrations to show how the little bat learns how to use echolocation from his point of view.





Little Bat is also about a baby bat who is going to venture out into the night by himself. All of the animals encourage him each with a piece of advice, typically 1 sentence for the 2 pages. The illustrations are fantastic – I love how they span across both pages and are really engaging.





What Is A Bat? is a great nonfiction book with a lot of information about bats.







National Geographic Readers: Bats is also a great nonfiction book for kids to read about bats. Kids love the real pictures and it’s filled with information.






Bats: Biggest! Littlest! is another great informational book on bats with engaging real photographs and fun facts laid out in an interesting way. It’s written in a way that gives a lot of information but in a way that kids can easily understand so it’s a great addition to your library, especially for kids to pick up and peruse themselves.



Bats (Nocturnal Animals) is another book with engaging real photographs to have in your library for kids to pick up and learn about bats.






Bats – Creatures of the Night has illustrations rather than real photographs but is another nice reader for your 1st or 2nd grade students to read and learn about bats themselves.





Biggety Bat: Hot Diggety, It’s Biggety! is a really cute fictional Level 1 Reader that has really cute pictures and a fun rhyme and repetition so kids will enjoy reading it themselves. It’s about an adorable bat named Biggety who sees that all the other animals have friends and he wants friends too.





Bats Around the Clock is another fun rhyming book starring dancing bats that also incorporates time to the hour. You could easily ignore the math concept and just use it as a fun read aloud OR use it to introduce telling time to the hour. It’d be an easy and fun way to incorporate math into your science and reading.





Bats at the Library is one of several books in a series by Brian Lies that shows bats having a lot of fun in different places! They’re great read alouds! I love the illustrations and the rhyming makes them so much fun to read aloud. The bats go into the library in the middle of the night and have a lot of fun reading books and playing games in the library.



He also has Bats at the Beach which features great illustrations and rhyming text This is the one I like the most in the series! I love that the bats use moon-tan lotion and roast bug-mallows. It shows all the games and activities the bats play at the beach – they even surf! I just love this one for reading aloud.





In Bats in the Band, the bats all play instruments and play a concert.




In Bats at the Ballgame, the bats all go to see their favorite bat baseball players play a game.





Magic School Bus Going Batty is one of my favorites because I love using Magic School Bus videos and books for teaching science topics. Kids love the adventures of Ms. Frizzle and her class. In this one, the bus grows bat wings, the class turns into bats, and Ralphie is convinced Ms. Frizzle is a vampire. This book throws in a ton of learning about bats so it’s a great book to read to teach about bats while enjoying an exciting fictional story. Kids love this one!



Another kid favorite is There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat! I absolutely love reading the books in this series aloud to kids – they just love the things the old lady swallows and the repetitive rhymes. There are books like this for so many different holidays and kids just eat them up. This one has a Halloween theme with some of the other things she swallows so it is also on my giant list of Best Halloween Books for October Read Alouds!




Ms. Bitsy Bat’s Kindergarten is about a class of animal kids who love their teacher Mr. Fox but find out they’re getting a new teacher. The kids start to worry about all the things their new teacher might not do but Ms. Bitsy Bat becomes their teacher and does all the things they worried she wouldn’t. It’s a sweet story and kids can easily relate to the fears of what your new teacher would be like. It’d actually be a great back to school read aloud! Make sure you check out my Favorite Back to School Books list and Back to School Books for Kindergarten list if you want more back to school book ideas. I also have a list of books BY behavior that are great reads for back to school or any time of the year to address specific behavior issues like tattling, worrying, interrupting, etc.


Baby Bat’s Lullaby is a sweet book with beautiful illustrations for a younger crowd. It’d be a sweet bedtime story for younger kids (preschool age) who love bats. The mom lovingly describes her baby bat as she lulls him to sleep. I just adore the pictures in this one so I had to include it.





I really hope you’ve enjoyed this list of my favorite books about bats! Hopefully you have found some new ones to add to your collection. I love children’s books and making lists so I have a lot more book lists coming! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up as well as check back here. 🙂


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Favorite Books about Bats for Kindergarten or First Grade

Best Blogging Tools for Teacher Entrepreneurs

Here is a list of the best blogging tools for teacher entrepreneurs, or really any person working from home to build their business!


2016 has seen a huge rise in the teacher entrepreneur! So many people in the education field are starting their own businesses: blogging fun and creative teaching ideas, creating educational materials for TeachersPayTeachers, and all sorts of things. If you were born to be a teacher, you were probably also born to be an entrepreneur. You probably have great management and organizational skills, you’re creative and positive, you’re self-directed… you possess all of the skills necessary to be a successful business owner… so now you need some tools!


I compiled this list of what I think are the best blogging tools or must have items for your home based business that I personally love. This list could really apply to anyone who works from home so if you’re a photographer, blogger in another niche, or any sort of entrepreneur – I think you’ll still find this list helpful! I provided the links for you to see the tools I recommend directly on Amazon – some links are affiliate links which means I get commission if you buy from the links, it’s no extra cost for you but I just wanted to let you know! 🙂


My absolute favorite thing I’ve purchased is my vertical mouse. I didn’t even know these existed until I was getting a lot of pain in my wrist and lower arm and was researching solutions. I tried carpal tunnel exercises and resting but nothing really worked… until I found this mouse! The first couple times I tried it, I didn’t like it and thought it was too big for my hand. Now I don’t think I’d use the computer without it. It glides really easily, is super easy to use, and I have no wrist pain anymore! When I tried my old mouse or try to use my laptop’s pad, my wrist pain comes back immediately so I know this mouse was worth every penny.


Another thing I can’t recommend enough is a quality office chair. Do not, I repeat do not, sit on your couch hunched over for hours. You don’t have to work in an office – roll your chair into the living room in front of the T.V. so you can still watch your favorites. This is the chair I have and love but I highly recommend you go in person to an office store and try them out to find the one that fits you perfectly. Make sure it gives you lumbar support, is adjustable to fit you perfectly, and has you sitting straight up and down. I used to always work on the couch with my laptop and my back/neck hurt all the time.


Another creative option is this Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. They’re supposed to be great for your back! I don’t personally have one but I have friends who love theirs. All the secretaries at my doctor’s office also rave about theirs. I am really thinking of getting one soon! They have fun colors to choose from in the adult sizes and kids love them for flexible seating (I have a huge post of flexible seating options and ideas for the classroom) so why not us too? 🙂


I actually try not to sit that often when I am working on my computer. I often put my laptop on a plastic storage bin on a dresser (I’m super fancy) to create a makeshift standing desk. I also have a treadmill desk and bike desk that I LOVE. I vary my position all the time so I stay active. Sitting isn’t healthy so I try to do as little of it as possible despite how much time I spend on the computer.


I am OBSESSED with my treadmill desk. I have had the LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 for several years now and I love it just as much as the day I got it. I am not that coordinated so I was hesitant but I got used to it immediately. I usually walk at a low speed and check emails, do my pinning, check social media, write blog posts, or whatever else I need to do! I love the huge desk it has – there is plenty of room for my computer, mouse, and a lot of room to spread out all the papers I’m using doing whatever I’m doing. The treadmill desk does take up a bit of room but it’s so worth it to me. I have mine in the corner of the family room so I can walk, work on the computer, and watch T.V. at the same time.


I also have a bike desk! Not going to lie, sometimes I just feel like sitting. When I just want to sit, I sit on the bike desk. Sometimes I barely move my legs so it’s just a little movement and other times I super-peddle while working – I like that I can choose the intensity by just peddling or not. It’s really nice to have options! I actually find myself peddling really fast sometimes not thinking about it and being winded! So I like that it provides exercise too!



Another must have is a quality wireless color printer. I have had my Brother wireless printer for a few years now and I love it. You definitely need wireless – I can’t believe I ever used to come plug in my computer to print. It prints beautiful color so I really love it for printing centers and color activities!


Something I just recently got that I’m obsessed with right now is my electric hole punch! True story: I hate 3 hole punching things and was in an office store the other day and saw one of these. I didn’t know they existed! So naturally I went to Amazon to find it cheaper 🙂 and read reviews. This is the one I ended up with and I love it so far. I have already made so many binders worth of things with it because hole punching is so quick and easy now.



If you’re working on your computer all day, you need a good one! The most important thing to me was speed and battery life so I did a lot of research and tried a lot in store. I couldn’t find my exact one because I think it’s an older model but this Lenovo ThinkPad is really close to it! I absolutely LOVE the touch screen. I didn’t think I’d use it but I find myself using it all the time. I don’t use the folding up option much because I’m not a tablet person but I’m sure other people do. I just love the battery life on it because I used to be a Mac user and it was really hard to find a PC that compared in battery life! This is my 2nd Lenovo though and I really like this brand. I also really like the keyboard on this particular computer – it’s nice to type on and, well I blog, so I do a lot of typing! 🙂 It’s also SUPER portable. It’s so small and lightweight compared to my laptop before it. It’s been great to take on trips – I can use it in the car, in hotels, and also easily on airplane tray tables.  What type of computer do you use?


If you take pictures of your products or pictures for your blog, you also need a digital camera! It’s okay if you can only afford a point and shoot for right now – they can still take amazing pictures and are easy to use. When you’re ready to get a DSLR, I recommend Canon. I have a Canon Rebel T5i and it takes really, really beautiful pictures.



Okay so this one is a little embarrassing but if your eyes ever hurt or feel strained from working on the computer, Gunnar Optiks glasses are great! My eye doctor actually recommended them because I was getting eye pain from working on the computer all night (anyone relate?!) so I wear them when I am working on the computer at night to filter out the glare. My husband may or may not make fun of me for looking a little goofy. 🙂



Last but not least, BACK UP YOUR STUFF. Definitely get some sort of back up to back up all of your files. You work so hard on all your creations, blog posts, whatever… make sure you back them up. I use a Seagate External Hard Drive but also back up by putting my things on more than 1 computer and on flash drives. I back up the back ups of my back ups. 🙂




I hope this post was helpful for you! These are some of my favorite tools that I use for blogging and building my business. I’d love to hear in the comments if you use any of these too or what other things I should know about!


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Best Blogging Tools for Teacher Entrepreneurs

Back to School Books for Kindergarten

Having back to school books for kindergarten is so important as kids can be afraid to start this scary new thing called kindergarten and you want to show them that it’s fun! The more books you read to them about kindergarten, the better! 🙂


This list is books specifically for kindergarten but I also made a Favorite Back to School Books list of fun read alouds for any age. I also made a HUGE list of books by behavior to read the first few weeks of school that covers everything from tattling to how to share to picking your nose – I covered everything! They’re AWESOME books that target specific behaviors and spark great lessons to start the year off right.


Here are some of my favorite kindergarten books! I provided the links for you to see them directly on Amazon if you want to check them out – some links are affiliate links which means I get commission if you buy from the links, it’s no extra cost for you but I just wanted to let you know!


I love Planet Kindergarten – it’s such a fun twist on the typical starting kindergarten book about a little boy who blasts off to Planet Kindergarten and is excited to explore this new world. Kindergarten really might feel like a whole other world to your littles so it’s a fun play on that. I really like the illustrations and rhyming in this space themed book!




Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten? is one of my favorites because it is silly but teaches great lessons. Kids think it’s hilarious that a buffalo is in kindergarten and it’s fun to see him in the school settings. It also shows things like how the buffalo doesn’t get mad when someone takes his building blocks (such a great relation to K!) but remembers the rules for sharing instead.




The Night Before Kindergarten is a great book to read early on the first day because  it addresses going to bed the night before kindergarten, preparing, and all the nerves associated with it. I really feel like students relate to it and it does a good job of relieving any fears. It’s also a great book to read to your own child before they start kindergarten!




I don’t have a picture of the cover but On the First Day of Kindergarten is a super cute kindergarten book! I really like this one too!


Kindergarten Rocks! is a cute book about a little boy who is afraid to start kindergarten but pretends not to be but the illustrations show his worried face. His stuffed animal Rufus he brings is the nervous one according to him and as he has fun in school, Rufus does too. 🙂 It’s a cute book to help ease the nerves of starting kindergarten – I really like it!




Ready for Kindergarten, Stinky Face? is a cute book about a little boy who has a bunch of outlandish fears about kindergarten like what if the sink pours out grape juice instead of water but his mom keeps assuring him. This is a great silly little story to read and then ask the kids what they were worried about kindergarten being like and make an anchor chart together of their worries.





Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten is a cute simple book with a fun rhyme of each kid in class preparing for kindergarten (each kids’ name starts with a letter in order A-Z so it’s sneakily an ABC book too!) while Miss Bindergarten gets her classroom ready for school.





Kindergarten, Here I Come! is another great book to read before a child starts kindergarten or on the first day of school.







The Pirate of Kindergarten is another fun book about a little girl who has some trouble in school because she sees things twice and when it’s found out that she has double vision, she has to wear an eye patch and becomes the pirate of kindergarten! It’s great for helping students have empathy and accept others, as well as embracing being different. I like this one a lot!




Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten is a book about a spunky little girl named Annie who is determined to get a Gold Star for good behavior from her kindergarten teacher Mr. Todd. I love this one for discussing class rules and how to earn whatever your classroom reward is.





Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! is a cute story about a little mouse who is getting ready for kindergarten. He is a little nervous but his mom assures him it will be okay.






I loved Clifford as a kid so Clifford Goes to Kindergarten is one of my absolute favorites to read to kids who may be nervous about kindergarten. Molly Elizabeth (the little girl who Clifford belongs to) started kindergarten yesterday so she walks you through kindergarten and what she experienced that can really help ease kids’ fears about what kindergarten will be like. Plus, Clifford does silly things when Molly Elizabeth brings him to school. 🙂



The Day My Mom Came to Kindergarten is such a humorous, fun book about a little girl in kindergarten who is so embarrassed when her mom comes to kindergarten and breaks all kinds of rules like not raising her hand to speak, using her library voice, talking during story time, etc. It’s a great book to go over a bunch of classroom rules while being really funny because it’s the little girls’ mom breaking all the rules on accident. The teacher is really understanding since her mom is new to kindergarten which is really relatable to students who may get in trouble because they just don’t know yet. I really love this one – it makes me laugh!


The Twelve Days of Kindergarten: A Counting Book is a fun way to practice numbers with a kindergarten theme in the familiar song we all know: On the first day of kindergarten, my teacher gave to me… 🙂





Countdown to Kindergarten is about a little girl who is really worrying about starting kindergarten. She doesn’t know how to tie her shoes and thinks the #1 rule of kindergarten is that you’re not allowed to ask for help. I recommend reading this later in the week because the majority of the book focuses on all the girls’ worries. Make sure every time they say that you’re not allowed to ask for help that you say how that’s silly and of course you can ask for help so her fear is unwarranted so it doesn’t make them fearful as well. I love the illustrations of the little girl with her cat and all of the situations she gets into while trying to figure out how to get around not being able to tie her shoes before she starts kindergarten. When she finally gets to school, most of the other kids can’t tie their shoes either and she realizes she’s not the only one and all her worrying was for nothing! It’s a great book to talk about what they were scared of about kindergarten and why it’s not the case as well as talk about asking adults for help when you need it.


Okay so this isn’t technically a back to school book and you’ve probably already read it 10 times but Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is just loved so much by kids if you read it in a fun rhythmic sing-song-y way that I think it should be a first week read aloud for kindergarten anyway! It’s a great alphabet book if you read it right! 🙂 I am working on a huge list of fun alphabet books I recommend so keep a look out! This is also a great way to introduce attention grabbing chants like if you say, “Chicka Chicka” the kids stop what they’re doing and say, “Boom Boom!”



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I also really recommend my Back to School Books By Behavior list of books that will help teach your kids important lessons like sharing, not interrupting, handling anger, being kind, using inside voices, even using too much glue!



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Flexible Seating Classroom Ideas and Seating Options


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Back to School Books Kindergarten read alouds

Flexible Seating Classroom Ideas and Seating Options

Flexible seating in the classroom is a huge trend in education this year! There are a ton of ideas for flexible seating options you can do in your classroom to try it out a little bit or go full force so I compiled a list for you to see a lot of the different options! I provided the links for you to see them directly on Amazon if you want to check them out – some links are affiliate links which means I get commission if you buy from the links, it’s no extra cost for you but I just wanted to let you know! I love that so many classrooms are embracing flexible seating and there are just so many great ideas out there for how you can try it yourself!

Hokki Stools definitely seem to be the most popular flexible seating option that I’ve seen. They’re one of the priciest things on this list but they’re so amazing. They come in a lot of fun colors and allow students to move all around and be comfortable. They’re great for table spots as well as for at your small groups table so kids can get all their wiggles out without being distracting to others. I recommend this 15″ one for K-2 students.



Gaiam Kids Stay-n-Play Balance Balls are also wonderful stability  balls for student to sit on while they work! I love that these have little legs on them so they don’t roll away when not in use. I also love that they come in fun colors and I love the 45 cm. size ball for the classroom.




You can also just use regular balance balls or big bouncy balls! In order for them to not roll away or to store them on top of tables at the end of the day, buy a pack of colorful flying discs, flip them upside down, and set the ball inside of them. You could also buy those green styrofoam circles with a hole in the middle from dollar stores or craft stores but the sound of styrofoam makes me twitch so I prefer flying discs! You could also cut a pool noodle to the correct size, twist it into a circle, and use a cute color strong tape to tape the ends together to set the ball in. There are a lot of possible solutions. 🙂

Gaiam also makes balance ball chairs like this one for kids to sit on. I really want an adult sized one to help with my posture while sitting at the computer but I haven’t ordered one yet. I’ll let you guys know if I like it if I do!





Wobble cushions are also an excellent option, especially if you keep your normal chairs, because kids can wobble all around in their seat for a ton of sensory input with little distraction. You can have these in a seat or have them sit on them on the floor. One way I really love is to lower a student table by taking the legs off to make it a super low table kids can sit and work at. You can cut slits in tennis balls and put them on the table legs so they don’t harm your floor with the legs off.


Speaking of wobbling, I love wobble chairs! Kids really seem to love these and they come in really cute colors that let kids get the movement they need. I like the 14″ height.





Scoop rockers are also a fun choice to sit on the floor for students to sit in while they read or work! Just have your students grab a clipboard and their pencil and they can work sitting pretty much anywhere.



Carpet circles are another option for sitting on the floor! You can also get carpet squares. You can also buy fluffy or memory foam bath mats! Carpet circles like this and bath mats are nice because kids can grab them and sit wherever they want… as well as you can have them move if they’re being disruptive or by someone that’s distracting them. It’s also nice that they establish a personal space for students. Talking about personal space is important to do when letting students choose their own seating. Check out the “Personal Space” section in my list of Read Aloud Books Sorted by Behavior list!

You can also have students sit or lay on yoga mats! If you cut them in half, you have a lot more seating options and a smaller size so more kids can have them and fit on the floor. I recommend extra thick ones like these if you have hard floors. The nice thing about yoga mats is that they’re super easy to store. Just get a tall plastic laundry hamper to roll them up and put them in when not in use.






Saucer chairs are so cozy for classroom libraries or reading corners. They’re soft and comfy and great to snuggle up in with a book. Plus I love this color and the feel of it.







Bungee chairs are great as well! They provide a lot of movement and kids typically love to sit in them.








Crate seats are also a super popular choice. Just get a set of cute crates, flip them upside down, and make cushions to put on top of the bottoms of them for kids to sit on. There are so many tutorials for how to make them if you search DIY Crate Seats. If you don’t have the time to make them (what teacher does?!), or just aren’t feeling particularly crafty, you could probably buy some cushions to put on top. There are a ton of chair cushions on Amazon in all different colors, patterns, sizes… I am sure one of them is bound to fit! Just measure your crates before you order.


For example, this cute polka dot cushion looks like it’d be a good size. I haven’t tried them but they look like they could be a good option? I would just buy one or two and if they aren’t the right size, they become another option for kids to sit on when selecting floor seats. These would be perfect for that as well! If you do try them, please let me know how they fit!




Another fun idea is a play tent! If you have the room for one in your classroom, there are a ton of fun ones on Amazon to choose from in all different shapes, sizes, and themes! You could probably find one to match pretty much any classroom theme. I’d make sure it’s a nice and open one, though, so you can still see in to monitor behavior when needed.



You can also do a teepee tent! I love this teal and gray chevron one because… well, I just like those colors, but you can get any colors or styles that match your decor, of course! 🙂






If you have the room for it, an inflatable kiddie pool is awesome for a reading area! Put a few comfy pillows and maybe even a throw blanket in it and kids will love to sit in it to read.




Speaking of inflatable, it may seem weird but floating pool toys like this inflatable donut inner tube can also be seating options! There are so many cheap and cute pool inner tubes out there for kids to sit in while they work!




Want to be the coolest teacher ever? Get a giant inflatable pizza slice they can sit on! It’s pretty massive though – it even has giant in the title! I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try this one (I guess I’m not the coolest!) but I thought it was a fun option to share to show that there are soo many different inflatables.


These are also some cool inflatable chairs that look comfy! I’ve never tried these ones and it looks like you can’t choose the color but I thought they looked like a fun option.

Did you know you can even get an inflatable couch for your classroom? I actually had an inflatable loveseat when I was little and my friends and I loved sitting on it! With inflatables, you need to teach that you never jump on it and treat it kindly. We used to run and jump on ours until it flipped over for fun – it never popped but my friends and I did that so much that it started leaking air. It actually held up for a long time after that but my dad had to re-inflate it periodically. Oops! 🙂


If your school has it in their budget, storage couches or benches like this Sit and Store Reading Center couch are awesome for your reading area! There is even a canopy you can buy to add on to it to make a super cute little reading area. There are a lot of storage couch options like this out there that double as book storage!



This storage bench is another seating option that includes storage.

I actually made my own that is a lot like this! I bought a 4 cube bookshelf and laid it on its side then put a long patio cushion on top of it. I put a bucket of books in each of the 4 cubes and you can sit on the top of it to read. It turned out really cute plus I love that I can switch out the cushion for a different color or newer one whenever I want to!



How cute is this caterpillar bench for an elementary classroom?! I just had to share it! There are a ton of other things you could get to match this for your classroom if that was your theme.





Camping chairs are also an easy option and they fold up! I also love that they typically have a cup holder in one of the arms for students to put writing materials in if they need to. There are so many cute ones out there as well as your basic kids camping chairs. They’re a popular choice!





This portable recliner seat is also a nice option for sitting on the floor. You might actually want to use it for if you sit on the carpet or floor with your students to give your bottom a little padding!





A plush bedrest is an easy thing to add to any reading area or around the classroom to lay against while working. They’re really comfy and I use them myself sometimes!



Foam kneeling pads are also nice for if you lower your tables! Kids can kneel while they work but their knees may hurt if you don’t give them some sort of pad. Sometimes you can find pads in camping sections too that would work. You can also use patio chair cushions if you already have those for flexible seating anyway.




So you lowered some desks… what about raising some desks to make standing desks?? Adjust a table or desk to its maximum height and then use bed risers that fit to raise it up. I like that you can stack these bed risers for additional height if you need it to get them just right. Definitely make sure you measure how high you need your tables and confirm that the bed risers will fit the legs of what you’re trying to raise and be sturdy.


I also love these colorful stack stools that come in a set of 5 for at small group tables or other tables.






Okay so I LOVE bean bags! There are so many super comfy ones from Big Joe like this Big Joe Lumin Chair. One thing about bean bags is you do have to eventually refill them if they flatten. One of my friends told me she stuffs hers with plastic grocery bags which, let’s face it, you have a million of stuffed inside of another grocery bag somewhere in your house… and if you don’t, your students’ parents do. 🙂 I can’t vouch whether or not the plastic bags work well but they do sell refill bags of beans on Amazon as well!


This Big Joe Roma Chair is another cool style! They come in different colors but I thought this zebra print one was fun, especially if you have a lot of neon colors in your room or a zoo/safari classroom theme.




Regular bean bag chairs like this pink polka dot bean bag chair also work great! I also really like the lime and gray polka dot ones. Kids just love bean bag chairs so, really, if you find a cute one, grab it!




How fun is this bean bag? I feel like kids are obsessed with all these fun smiley faces we use on social media so why wouldn’t they want to sit on them! ….and, yes, there is a poo one! I love the heart eyes, laughing until crying, and blowing kisses ones. 🙂



There are bean bag chairs in so many themes. For example, if you have a sports themed classroom, there are footballs and soccer balls and basketballs.. so fun!



Big Joe also makes a really cool flip lounger that you can lay on or fold the pad under to make into a chair. Big Joe has so many options – definitely check them all out! There are a lot of different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns!






This red bean bag chair (also comes in other colors) is also really cute and a comfy shape. I love that they have little storage pockets on the side.






There really just are so many ways to give your students a choice in where they sit in the classroom to be comfortable and able to focus.


Other things you need for flexible seating in your classroom are ways for students to do their work without being at a desk or table.

Have a class set of colorful clipboards kids can grab and go with to use wherever in the classroom. I like having different colors (not just the wood ones) so kids can quickly and easily identify their clipboard. If you have 25-30 brown wood clipboards, there’s going to be a lot of time wasted looking for the right clipboard.




Lap trays are also awesome! I love them because they are super portable and have storage in the sides to put writing utensils, papers, etc. I actually even bought a pink one for myself that I use at home sometimes!




I haven’t personally used this lap desk but I love that it has storage inside and says it folds flat which I think would make it easier to store. Again, though, I haven’t used this particular one!





Other things you can consider to provide wiggly students some relief are Bouncy Bands! I wish these had been around when I was in school! I love that they’re really not that noticeable and work with the chairs I already have but provide support to kiddos that need to bounce and move around. You can also get stationary bicycle pedals for them to pedal under their desk!



Wow, that was a long list! I hope this gave you a lot of fun ideas to incorporate new types of seating in your classroom this year! Do you use any of these flexible seating options in your classroom? How do you like them? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


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