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How to Market Your TpT Products

Want to know how to market your TpT products? I’ve got you covered!


Creating teaching resources on TeachersPayTeachers is an amazing creative outlet that I think many of us have craved for so long but it’s one thing to make fun teaching resources and another thing to actually get them out there in front of people to find! I hope this list can help you be successful in your TpT journey! Some of these links are affiliate links which means I get a commission for purchases made through them – it doesn’t influence my opinion but helps me pay for this little space to tell you about them! 🙂


So how do you market your TpT resources??

1) Pinterest

Mastering pinterest is a must! Pin your products regularly. I personally recommend 20-30 a day to get started. You want to try to spread them out throughout the day so that you reach people whenever they may be online. How do you pin all day without being on the computer all day?


The free trial is great! Try it out free and see if you like it. I personally think Tailwind is AWESOME. It allows you to schedule your pins all in one sitting and then pins them for you at whatever days and times you choose. I can’t believe I ever tried to market without it. I used to get on my computer to pin a couple pins at a time 10-15 times a day… for years. What?! Now I use Tailwind and do it all in one sitting. I’m currently scheduled over FOUR MONTHS in advance and it’s so nice to know that it’s working for me while I focus on what I truly love doing… creating and writing.

Tailwind also has a feature called Tribes where you can join different tribes of other TpT sellers who share their best pins with each other – it’s a great way to get others to pin for you and find great pins from others to share! A lot of collaborative boards have rules where you have to follow ratios (example: you have to post 3 ideas for every product you post) so tribes are a great way to find teaching ideas pins from others to be able to maintain your ratios.

My favorite part of Tailwind is actually the analytics it provides too! I love being able to see if my pins on collaborative boards are actually getting repinned and Tailwind has the “Pin Inspector” feature that makes that really easy for me to do.

If you feel lost with Pinterest, you are not alone. There is so much to learn and conflicting information everywhere.

I highly recommend taking the Pinning Perfect course. It explains so much. It’s definitely an expense (give it to your accountant to write off!) but it is so nice to have all the information in one place and from people who actually understand what they’re talking about. Yes, you can find free information online but who knows how reliable it is and it’ll take you a long time to gather it all so it’s up to you to figure out how much your time is worth. Could you make more money creating new TpT products with the time you’d save from finding and gathering all the info on your own? It’s hard for me to spend money (even if it’s a tax write off), especially if I know I could do something myself, but I’m really happy I splurged on that course. I kept hearing everyone talk about how great it was and it took me over a year to finally do it too but I’m so glad I did! I thought it’d be really basic but I’ve been using Pinterest for years and learned new things. Whether you’re brand new to Pinterest or have been doing it for years, there’s valuable information for everyone.

2. Email Newsletter

You may be thinking you don’t have time to write any sort of newsletter or you don’t have people to follow you yet… perfect!

Start your newsletter now. I started collecting emails with a little sign up on the side of my other blog for well over a year before I ever sent an email. When I finally felt ready to send something out and like I had something to say, I had an audience built to actually send something to. You don’t want to have something to say and no one to say it to so start your list now!

If you’re in Facebook groups of other TpT sellers, you probably keep hearing people talk about how much they love ConvertKit for their newsletter.

I am constantly hearing of people who had other email list providers and switched to ConvertKit, especially recently as word has spread about how much people love ConvertKit, so it’s definitely worth checking out now so you don’t pick another newsletter provider just to do all the work of switching later.

There are other options out there too though so check them all out and see which one best fits you and your needs! If you find one you like, search ConvertKit vs. (whatever it is) to compare it and make sure you read several articles from the first page to get a good idea, not just one person’s opinion. Do that with any 2 mail services you’re considering to read about how others with experience with them feel.

3. A Blog

Start a blog! If you’re creative enough to create teaching resources, you probably have a lot of other great ideas to share with the world! Even if you only write once every month or two, start one now. Two very popular places to host a blog is either Blogger or WordPress. I plan on writing a post on how to start a blog soon so keep a look out for that!

4. Facebook

Start a business Facebook page. Even if you don’t plan on using it much, make sure you claim your business name on all the social media channels before someone else does and so they can slowly grow until you’re ready to start utilizing them. It can be hard to get great reach on Facebook but SO many people in the world use Facebook every single day so it’s worth having for those random posts that explode. I don’t personally but a lot of people also do Facebook ads to expedite the growth of their page and get their posts seen. 🙂

If you have a Facebook page already and are just having trouble keeping up with it, consider scheduling your posts. Facebook has a built-in scheduler that you can do all the work manually or you can get one of the amazing scheduling services like SmarterQueue that allows you to save evergreen content for easy recycling to save you time. They also have a free 14 day trial but you can extend it to a 30 day free trial by using this affiliate link.

If you are brave enough to hop in front of the camera, Facebook Live from your business page is a great way to share teaching tips and other fun teaching ideas through video. They seem to get a lot of engagement. I find it too scary right now but a lot of people have fun with it!

5. Instagram

So many teachers love Instagram and use it daily. It’s such a fun place to share teaching ideas and connect with teachers all over the world. One great thing about IG is that, even if you have no followers you can use popular teaching hashtags to reach a lot of teachers. It’s also nice you can use specific ones for your grade level or specific niche if you have one to reach teachers just like you.

For example, if you teach kindergarten, look through the #iteachk hashtag to find other kindergarten teachers to follow. Once you follow and look at their pages, it’s easy to find other people with similar interests through them as well by interacting in their comments section. 🙂 Same goes for #iteachfirst #iteachsecond #iteachthird etc.! Other really popular hashtags are #teachersfollowteachers and #teachersofinstagram among many others. Just click on the ones other people use to find others… and, of course, tag your own photos with relevant hashtags so they get seen!

I plan on making a list of fun teachers to follow for each grade level and niche so keep a look out for that as well!

Other ways to market your TpT resources that I didn’t cover are Twitter, Snapchat, and Periscope. I don’t know enough about them to speak about them so I’ll leave that to others to do.

I hope this list has been helpful for you!! I’d love to hear from you in the comments what social media platform you find best for marketing your teaching resources. When we all learn together, we grow together so I am excited to have shared these tips! Let me know if you have any questions!

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