Free Classroom Rewards

Are you wasting your money on treasure box items for your classroom? Don’t! There are so many free classroom rewards you can hand out that are way better!


Let your students choose rewards that don’t cost you anything AND they don’t have a little toy to play with during class and/or lose. Plus, your other students will see them getting that reward which will make them want to have the same behavior to get it too! 🙂


Here’s a list:

1. No Desk day – They can sit anywhere in the classroom to do their work

2. Switch Desks/Table

3. VIP Caddy – They can use any of the fun materials in the VIP caddy to do their work!

4. No Homework Pass

5. Bring a stuffed animal to school for a day

6. Wear a hat in class

7. Switch classroom jobs (Here’s a huge list of classroom jobs if you need ideas!)

8. Sit by friends at lunch

9. Lunch with the teacher

10. Show and tell

11. No shoes or wear slippers in class

12. Tablet time

13. Computer time

14. Write on the whiteboard

15. Sit in the teacher’s chair to work

16. Read a book to the class (check out my favorite books lists here)

17. First choice for Friday fun time


There are a ton more! Anything that the kids like doing… make that a reward they can earn! 🙂

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